Anna Larionova

Interaction Designer



Anna Larionova

Interaction Designer

Quilt Data Selfie


A dataset visualization in the form of a digital quilt using my fabric scrap collection


16 weeks (Fall 2022)


User Research & Interview, User Testing, UX Design


Hunter Moranville, Anna Larionova, Celso Pereira, Kalynn Porter

Academic Project


Create a visualization that presents insights from a dataset about yourself. You may use pre-existing data (email archive, fitness tracker data, etc.) or create a new system specifically for collecting data about an aspect of your life. The data you collect doesn't need to be temporal, for example, you might re-imagine your wardrobe as a database for interrelated items. Can you collect data about phenomena that nobody has seen or thought of before?
Your visualization is a tool you're building to help you answer a question about yourself. You can use existing measurement technologies or devise new manual or automatic data collection techniques. You're encouraged to combine multiple sources of data to make interesting comparisons.


This is my entire fabric collection. I saved these in the hopes of one day making a quilt. This turned out to be the kind of merely hypothetical project that gave me a reason to hoard fabric. To lift the burden of a promise I made to myself, but without actually sewing these pieces together, I’ve created an accurate inventory and scaled it to make this digital quilt.

There are 200 squares of 21 swatches, in total representing about 2,180 square meters of fabric.